American Museum of Natural History

Agency M&C Saatchi Mobile

Role Lead Designer

Rebranding Case Study 

For 146 years AMNH has been a spring of knowledge, discovery and education. Bursting with life in all of its forms and spanning from the terrestrial to the far reaches of space the Museum remains a bastion of science in New York and the world over. With this longevity comes a necessary evolution of the institution as to fit into the contemporary landscape of NYC museums.

The feeling of wonder with a hint of nostalgia in addition to modernity should be created and brought to the forefront. AMNH is not just about science. The experience and the places that visitors are transported to is where the real magic lies. AMNH is timeless and elegant. It’s branding must be positioned accordingly. 


The challenge before us was how can we turn one of the most preeminent scientific and cultural institutions into a place where everyone from any culture can explore the wonder of human cultures, natural history and the universe, while maintaining its respected reputation, great heritage and historical value. Our objective is to make visitors passionate about learning and the museum’s value before they even visit the museum. We want to create an ancient and revered but modern system to invoke cultural relevancy and personal emotion experience for visitors.


We created a new visual language for the Museum – a cross platform identity system that frames it’s ancient and vast histories through a modern-minimalist lens.

What We Did

We looked at the museum’s current logo and we wanted to take a step further to develop a more dynamic and organic logo without complicating it. We did this through showing more detail of the brushstroke and adding highlights on the man to show perspective and depth, as well as making the logo look more welcoming – like the guy is waving and saying “Hey, come in here!”. Also, prior to redesigning the brand, we were asked by the museum to advise them on mobile design best practices and Call to action signage for their newly launched app Explorer on mobile and throughout the museum. So in this project, we also included some signage mockups on-site for the best exposure and information on the app. 

Original / Current Logo : 


Final Proposed Logo & Icon :

Proposed Logo Changes

Proposed Logo Changes

Proposed AMNH Icon

Proposed AMNH Icon

Posters / Signage


MAP / Brochure / Flyer


Museum map design

Wayfinding / App download sign

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