Type Experiment Project

Our design team at work started an instagram account and we're suppose to post new content every week to show our work.

The theme to kick off our first week on instagram is.... Fall!

So I experimented with a few ways to execute my typography ideas-

First, I tried carving/engraving the leaf -

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 12.20.16 AM.png

Since the thickness of the leaf is really thin and delicate, it's really hard to achieve the look I wanted.


Moving on.... still playing with leaves. Again, this leaf is slightly thicker, so it's easier to cut, but still requires a lot of trying and patience. It tears really easily.

In the end I went with paper quilling!

It is something that I always wanted to learn and do it myself. So I watched a couple of tutorials and figured out the techniques by myself using a simple needle to coil and some colored construction paper to work on.

Will post the final product after it goes live on instagram!

Stay tuned =)