Tale of K

The reason I started this blog is because -

well you know designers tend to doodle a lot, and often times they never really show their doodles to anyone... and after reading this book : Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon, I figured why not I show more of my work here? You know, just like your math teacher wants you to show your work. Even though some doodles are random as hell, but heck, if I never show it here, people will never know I have all these ideas! Maybe these will show progress of how I grow as a designer... or a professional doodler. 

This is a doodle I did a few years back, I wanted to keep a collection of hand drawn letters and this is the cover of the book.  

I like doodling because it doesn't need to be finish, and it can always be a WIP to make it better. So here you go! My never ending doodle projects will be posted here.