MediaCom & gifs

Hello! Been MIA for a while now... that's because I started freelancing again!

So, recently I just finished a project with MediaCom, where I worked on the branding of a global internal event called One MediaCom Day. This event will be celebrated on the same day, throughout 200+ countries. I also made some Gifs to feed onto their website's social feed!

Here are some gifs that didn't get approved but I personally love and enjoyed making -

So I've established a general theme for One MediaCom Day which is a fun, colorful, confetti & balloons themed for the event and used different colors throughout the branding. Here's some gifs that are live, right now.

I even made a Spotify album cover for the event!

One of the Newsletter Header I designed.

One of the Newsletter Header I designed.

I had a lot of fun working on this project! Working directly with MediaCom's global design director gave me a lot of freedom to experiment creatively. Since I have been working in digital for almost a year and a half now, it's really fun to finally do some print work. I designed a set of postcards and it will be distributed to all MediaCom employees globally on One MediaCom Day. I also created a giant photo frame for the event day for photo-ops globally and employees can upload their photoframe images to Instagram.  Will post an update on the event day soon so you can see it in action!