WIP - UX + UI of my app


As you may or may not know, I have been going to UX class since April.

My UX class has been pretty intense, but I learned so much. 

User Experience is like being nosy about your users, kind of like going on dates and trying to figure out what they like, what they don't like, what makes them crazy, how do they actually feel about your product, and how to make it better.

Here's a sneak peek of my product! So far I have conducted 5 user persona interviews & research and 4 usability testing with my app. It's been crazy. But there's also a lot of actionable feedback.

Should I post my wireframes and Information Architecture and let you guys see? Let me know! 

Paid Social Content

Ever since I started freelancing, the variety of work that I've been doing has been.... very different! Recently, I started freelancing at Mediabrands Publishing (they will be rebrand+rename to Society agency this week), owned by IPG Mediabrands. They work on mostly paid social content and managing brand's social networks. And I have been working on some really interesting clients, clients that I never thought I would be doing work for. 

On that note, I will reveal who that client is next time. Anyway, here are some work that are not approved but I personally LOVE and enjoyed making!

I even tried doing illustration, something that I never thought I could do since the only thing I draw is stick figure. Even though they're not going live, I really think this is a great exercise for me to do some illustration work. 

Stay tune for more updates!

MediaCom & gifs

Hello! Been MIA for a while now... that's because I started freelancing again!

So, recently I just finished a project with MediaCom, where I worked on the branding of a global internal event called One MediaCom Day. This event will be celebrated on the same day, throughout 200+ countries. I also made some Gifs to feed onto their website's social feed!

Here are some gifs that didn't get approved but I personally love and enjoyed making -

So I've established a general theme for One MediaCom Day which is a fun, colorful, confetti & balloons themed for the event and used different colors throughout the branding. Here's some gifs that are live, right now.

I even made a Spotify album cover for the event!

One of the Newsletter Header I designed.

One of the Newsletter Header I designed.

I had a lot of fun working on this project! Working directly with MediaCom's global design director gave me a lot of freedom to experiment creatively. Since I have been working in digital for almost a year and a half now, it's really fun to finally do some print work. I designed a set of postcards and it will be distributed to all MediaCom employees globally on One MediaCom Day. I also created a giant photo frame for the event day for photo-ops globally and employees can upload their photoframe images to Instagram.  Will post an update on the event day soon so you can see it in action!



Merry Christmas!

Hello all!

It's almost Christmas! And I've designed a hand lettering christmas card - check it out!

I also made another color variation for my Instagram account. 


Anyway, I just wanna wish everyone...

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!

Tale of K

The reason I started this blog is because -

well you know designers tend to doodle a lot, and often times they never really show their doodles to anyone... and after reading this book : Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon, I figured why not I show more of my work here? You know, just like your math teacher wants you to show your work. Even though some doodles are random as hell, but heck, if I never show it here, people will never know I have all these ideas! Maybe these will show progress of how I grow as a designer... or a professional doodler. 

This is a doodle I did a few years back, I wanted to keep a collection of hand drawn letters and this is the cover of the book.  

I like doodling because it doesn't need to be finish, and it can always be a WIP to make it better. So here you go! My never ending doodle projects will be posted here.




This week's instagram topic:


What's halloween without some pumpkin action?

But! I wasn't planning on carving it. I gave this opportunity to pay a tribute to my fav artist, Yayoi Kusama. She's known for her polka dots. I'm sure everyone have seen her work somewhere.


Photo by Art&Seoul 

Photo by Art&Seoul 

This is the final product!


This is a really fun project and I had a lot of fun making this... 

Oh and by the way, I made a stop motion for this!


Happy Halloween!

Final product for the Fall instagram post

Posted paper quilling a few days ago and this is the final product for the Fall instagram post!

I did another variation as well. 

The color is more muted and the angle is flatter instead of the first one. 

Our next challenge would be Halloween! Stay tuned =)

Or follow my team on instagram @mcsaatchimobile_creative !


Some random doodles

Here's some doodles that I sketched out during some downtime at work -

This is a doodle request from a coworker. 

This is a doodle request from a coworker. 

Something I say wayyyyy too much at work.

This is how I pronounce giggity. gigideh.

Sometimes I also like to just practice how to draw letters.

Who doesn't like ampersand?

Holiday card doodle 2014

Type Experiment Project

Our design team at work started an instagram account and we're suppose to post new content every week to show our work.

The theme to kick off our first week on instagram is.... Fall!

So I experimented with a few ways to execute my typography ideas-

First, I tried carving/engraving the leaf -

Screen Shot 2015-10-17 at 12.20.16 AM.png

Since the thickness of the leaf is really thin and delicate, it's really hard to achieve the look I wanted.


Moving on.... still playing with leaves. Again, this leaf is slightly thicker, so it's easier to cut, but still requires a lot of trying and patience. It tears really easily.

In the end I went with paper quilling!

It is something that I always wanted to learn and do it myself. So I watched a couple of tutorials and figured out the techniques by myself using a simple needle to coil and some colored construction paper to work on.

Will post the final product after it goes live on instagram!

Stay tuned =)

Doodle Ling

So my coworkers gave me a nickname... 

Since my last name is Ling, and I am constantly doodling... and voila, I am Doodle Ling!

Funny thing is, that is when I know my last name has so much potential for other -ling puns.

When I google ; I am Google Ling.

The combination is endless.

But for Doodle Ling, I started something on instagram with the hashtag #doodlelinginaction

so you can totally see what I'm doodling!