Miscellaneous work

Here are some miscellaneous work that I've done, a little bit of everything! 


Client MediaCom | Project Allergan Case Study


Project Paid Social Search Playbook

Project Employee Referral Bonus Posters (Internal Marketing)

"Don't worry. We won't ask you how you spend it."

Icons Design

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 2.45.19 PM.png

Mobile DR Banner
Design Concepts

Client Flit

Agency M&C Saatchi Mobile

Concept 1 - Floral / Watercolor Concept

Mobile banner size - 300x250

Mobile banner size - 300x250

Mobile Banner size - 468x60

Mobile Banner size - 468x60

Facebook promoted post in 1200x627

Facebook promoted post in 1200x627


Mobile interstitial horizontal size - 1024x768

Mobile interstitial vertical size - 768x1024 


LiteCube Solutions Rebrand (Logo design & Business Card Design)

LiteCube Solutions is a Singapore based web development and hosting company. 

Logo Design

Logo Design



Logo Design + Shipping Box packaging

Ztomic Lab is an online computer hardware store based in Singapore.

IBM DesignLab 

Internship at Havas Worldwide x IBM DesignLab

I mostly did wireframes, infographics, updating the main carousel image, and assisting the UX and UI designers to
create icons for the Social Business Section of the IBM's global site.

Kopitiam NYC - Web Design

Home is where Malaysian food is

Kopitiam's web design was a passion project because I was a big fan of the Malaysian coffee shop. The owner of the coffee shop, Kyo, requested a simple website that provides basic information about the coffee shop and the food they serve. I kept the design fairly simple, using images and a muted color palette to emphasize on the content of the site. 


For the full site, please visit http://kopitiamnyc.businesscatalyst.com/

TRACX - Branding Design

As a branding designer at Tracx, my job is to create a consistent branding identity across all printed and digital platforms.
I've created a branding guideline, business card, letterhead, icons, templates for PowerPoint Presentation,
templates for 1-sheeter, and templates for web banners.



As a designer, my favorite task is to create logos. Here are some logos that I've designed over the years.