Client Microsoft Lumia

Agency M&C Saatchi Mobile

Microsoft Lumia 635 Smartpage User Flow Redesign

Role in this project : Graphic Designer, Copywriter (Product Page Headlines, Subpage Headlines)

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- Reduce vertical length of homepage 

- Reduce # carousel images and make each image more unique/relevant

- Revise subpage options to showcase key themes aligned with banner messaging (e.g. Cortana, OneDrive)

- Improve video positioning and simplify viewing experience for ease of video HQEs (move video to 3rd carousel position, reduce video length to max :15)

- Add Product Compare as a clear subpage option (purple box)

Windows-user-targeted headlines and copy.

Android-user-targeted copy.

Mobile DR Banners

Microsoft Lumia 735

Role: Designer

Microsoft Lumia 830

Role: Designer, Copywriter






Microsoft Lumia 950 Social banners

Role: Designer